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1. Methods for unpacking the products

Take the greatest care when unpacking to make sure the furniture doesn’t get damaged.

Cutter carves, scratches on the tops that were placed directly on the floor, with no protection are not guaranteed by Matiere Grise. Please keep the packaging as long as your product is not assembled and installed.

2. Assembly of the Matière Grise furniture

Do not put your product directly on the floor when assembling. Use a blanket for instance, or keep the box as a protection support.

We recommend that you protect the furniture if you are going to use is as an exposure support (transparent plastic sheets, for example)

We won’t accept any return to the after-sales service if these recommendations were not respected.

Our furniture are delivered with anti-slippery pads, guaranteeing the protection of floors and table legs. To keep the table legs safe when in contact with a humid of aggressive floor, we recommend that you order some more pads if there were lost.

3. Maintenance of the Matière Grise furniture

Our furniture can be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth. We recommend the use of a stainless window cleaner, to be applied with the microfiber cloth.

Do not clean any of the Matiere Grise products with a high pressure device or with solvents.

Try to avoid leaving water stagnating on the furniture, it could cause patches of rust.

Because of the agressivity of sea sprays, by the sea/ocean, we can’t guarantee that rust won’t appear on the product in steel or galvanized steel, if they are used by the sea. And this even though we use an anti-corrosion treatment because this treatment is intended for normal conditions of use.

On the seaside, we recommend the use of products in aluminum.

Bird droppings, particularly acid, can provoke corrosion or stain permanently the furniture. Thus try to clean them as soon as possible.

4. Touch-ups

Taking into account the nature of steel and its associated wear-and-tear, we propose a kit for touch-ups (spray or pen) that can be ordered on our website. We recommend to take action quite quickly when a scratch or a kick happens, making the steel vulnerable because in this case the anti-corrosion treatment becomes inefficient.

5. Storage

Please don’t keep the furniture under plastic tarpaulins or oilcloths, it may cause condensation which would damage the products. In winter, if possible, store the furniture is a dry and ventilated area.

6. Environnement

Steel and aluminum being recyclable, please drop your end-of-life products in a waste collection site.

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