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The workshop

Unless the metal laser cutting, which is realized in series by extremely performant machines, all other operations to shape and finish the products are the result of a true expertise that was acquired over time, in our workshop. All our furniture pieces are made with the resolve to keep as close as possible to the design brought to us by the designer in the first place. Folding with the right angle to ensure the softness of a table top edge, welding with regularity and sharpness, but caring about reliability, apply the paint that will color the product and bring it to life… and of course packing it safely, with great care, so that our clients can be amazed when the open the boxes !

All of these operations are possible thanks to the implication and the dexterity of men and women who are an integral part of MG’s story, who embraced the brand’s quality standards, and who are very proud of the road already travelled.
Bernard et Foued weld under the responsibility of the worshop manager Vincent ; Jean-Michel applies the epoxy paint and so does Hussein. Mathieu packs and controls everything before sending it out.

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