Care advice

Everyday care:
Our metal furniture can be cleaned with a microfibre cloth, using non-marking products for glass. Do not use solvents as they could leave marks, and avoid abrasive products or sponges.
We also recommend protecting your furniture by using coasters, table mats etc. to minimise minor everyday scratches, which are inevitable on painted metal.

Outdoor furniture:
We recommend wiping away any standing water from the furniture, to avoid rust appearing.
Do not leave items such as planters, metal objects etc. on your table for prolonged periods of time, as this could cause rust to form due to standing rainwater. Quickly remove any dirt such as bird droppings in particular.
We do not recommend protecting the furniture with tarpaulins or oilcloths, as these could generate condensation and cause damage to the products.
For use by the sea, opt for aluminium products.
We cannot guarantee that corrosion will not appear on steel or galvanised steel products being used at the seaside.

Marble table tops:
Marble, despite its solid appearance, is a porous and relatively fragile material that requires special care.
For daily maintenance, never use acidic products or bleach, nor abrasive products or sponges. A solution based on Marseille soap or diluted dishwashing liquid is very suitable.
Marble absorbs liquid very quickly, and stains are difficult to clean once absorbed. Also, never let a stain from wine, vinegar, lemon or other acidic substances dry. Wipe it off immediately.
For more thorough cleaning, use specific marble care products.

Wooden table tops (oak):
Our oak table tops are varnished, which protects the wood. However, wood is still a soft material, which needs to be treated carefully to avoid marking or scratching. Daily maintenance is done with a soft sponge or a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive products or sponges.
Wood does not like dampness, so wipe off any water, wine or greasy stains quickly.

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