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Whether they are new on the scene or renowned in their field, we work with several designers when creating our products and collections.

  • PaulinePlusLuis

    Pauline Capdo and Luis Bellenger like to tell stories and reinterpret them in their projects. Their work is driven by the desire to propose a dreamlike vision of everyday life through simple objects, inspired by pre-existing forms and codes. Oscillating between craft, art and industry, their experimental path leads them to bring a poetic dimension […]

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    PaulinePlusLuis, designers for Matière Grise, Multitude lighting collection, table lamp and wall lamp
  • Julien Renault

    Triply immersed in French, Swiss and Belgian culture, Julien Renault brings an intuitive yet pragmatic perspective to his projects and creates a dialogue between sense and sensibility. Essential shapes, natural colours and elementary materials form the basis of his creative vocabulary, successfully conveying his attention to detail, consistency between the pieces and interaction with the […]

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    Julien Renault, designer pour Matière Grise, collection Miroir HD
  • Reda Amalou

    Reda Amalou is a French designer and architect. But he mostly creates experiences. Over 20 years ago, he founded the  AW2  architecture agency, driven by a desire to make space a place that stirs emotions. It naturally followed that design became a part of his work. Rather than separating disciplines, Reda Amalou unites them. It’s […]

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    Reda Amalou, designer pour Matière Grise. Sa collection : Woo, chevet en forme de cube en lévitation
  • Axelle Vertommen

    From an early age, Axelle Vertommen knew she wanted to be a furniture designer. Her parents often took her to design shops and she was always amazed by the pieces of famous designers she discovered on these occasions. Later she studied interior architecture and furniture design. Axelle Vertommen develops a personal universe characterised by strong […]

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    Axelle Vertommen, designer for Matière Grise. Brion collection, table lamp and wall and corner lamp
  • Julie Gaillard

    After obtaining a Master of Arts degree at the Sorbonne, a period as a designer in large Parisian communications agencies, and training in interior architecture at the Boulle School, the desire to find a freer form of expression naturally turned Julie Gaillard’s towards spatial design and design in the broad sense. Julie Gaillard repurposes objects […]

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    Julie Gaillard, designer pour Matière Grise. Lines, centre de table
  • Tamim Daoudi

    For Tamim Daoudi, objects tell a story, and must arouse emotion. So, he considers that the designer and the user are inescapably associated in the creative act. Having trained at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres and HEAR in Strasbourg, and following a rich multicultural path which took him from Damascus to Paris and then to Alsace, […]

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    Tamim Daoudi, designer pour Matière Grise, collection Fragment, lampe de sol ou lampe de bureau
  • Luc Jozancy

    After studying at ESAG Pennighen and the Beaux Arts in Bourges, Luc Jozancy obtained his diploma in industrial design at ENSAD in Paris in 1985, with Roger Tallon as his mentor. A few years of experience in an agency allowed him, as an industrial designer, to work in very different worlds, both luxury goods and […]

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    Luc Jozancy, designer pour Matière Grise, table, chaise, canapés, fauteuils, consoles, rangements
  • Rémi Casado

    After spending three years at La Martinière-Diderot School of Applied Art, Rémi decided to continue his design studies in Saint-Etienne before creating his own studio at the age of 20. He joined the “Jonction” designers’ collective and made a name for himself at several events: Design Tour 2012, by presenting the “laci” pendant light, and […]

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    Rémi Casado, designer pour Matière Grise. Ses centres de tables Simoon et Eurus
  • Quaglio Simonelli

    After starting out, and their two year collaboration with Philippe Starck, Andrea and Manuela decided to create their studio to offer their design services to various sectors, convinced that rich creativity springs from diversity. Their products are the result of the encounter between two complementary sensibilities, sustained by their background, their creative view of the […]

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    Quaglio Simonelli, designers pour Matière Grise. Collection Ponant : tables basses empilables
  • Beaverhausen

    Both founders trained in communications. Mimy graduated in the visual arts from the Luca School of Arts in Brussels (BE) and Ad graduated in creative communications from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven (NL). After a career in advertising, they decided to employ the skills they had acquired in their real vocation: design. […]

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    Bearverhausen, designers pour Matière Grise. Leur collection : Flor, tables basses gigognes empilables et modulables
  • Victoria Wilmotte

    Victoria Wilmotte was born in Paris in 1985. After studying interior design at the Camondo School, she left for London to study design at the Royal College of Art under the direction of Ron Arad. She opened her studio on her return to Paris in 2008. Victoria has always nurtured a particular interest in materials, […]

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    Victoria Wilmotte, designer pour Matière Grise. Sa collection : Wind, table basse gigogne en métal plié
  • Hugues Weill

    From his architectural studies, Hugues Weill has retained a taste for construction. His creations are testimony to this; furniture and lighting are like mini works of architecture, always bringing their share of surprises and balance effects. For Matière Grise, Hugues Weill has created the Levant bookcase: really totemic, an ode to imperfect geometry! A tube […]

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    Hugues Weill, designer pour Matière Grise, collection Levant, étagère totem
  • Constance Guisset

    After economics and business studies at ESSEC and IEP in Paris, and then a year spent at the Japanese Parliament in Tokyo, she decided to focus on design. She graduated in 2007 from the French design school ENSCI – Les ateliers and quickly won various awards such as the Grand Prix de Design of the […]

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    Constance Guisset, designer pour Matière Grise. Ses collections : Ankara et Batchair, lampe, applique, table, suspension, chaise

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