Reda Amalou

Reda Amalou is a French designer and architect, based in Paris. In his work, he strives to bring together various disciplines and bridge the gap between design and architecture.

Reda Amalou, designer pour Matière Grise. Sa collection : Woo, chevet en forme de cube en lévitation

Reda Amalou is a French designer and architect. But he mostly creates experiences.

Over 20 years ago, he founded the  AW2  architecture agency, driven by a desire to make space a place that stirs emotions. It naturally followed that design became a part of his work. Rather than separating disciplines, Reda Amalou unites them. It’s always about creating an impact, awakening the spirit by talking to the eye, stirring the senses.

For Matière Grise, Reda Amalou has created the Woo bedside unit; a cube levitating inside another cube, showcasing the brand’s expertise.


Matière Grise creations by Reda Amalou

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