Terms and Conditions of Sale

MATIERE GRISE, SAS, with a share capital of €97,569, registered in the Trade and Companies’ Register (RCS) of Lyon under number 535 021 208, whose registered office is located at ZA Le Charpenay – 69210 Lentilly; telephone number: 04 78 34 95 28; intra-community VAT number: FR77 535021208 (hereinafter referred to as “Matière Grise”), has a website which can be accessed at www.matieregrise-design.com.

Through the “e-shop” section of its website (hereinafter, the “Website”), Matière Grise offers internet users the ability to order furniture and interior and exterior decoration accessories (hereinafter, the “Products”).

Scope and acceptance of the GTC

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter, the “GTC”), specify in particular the conditions for ordering, payment, delivery and the possible delivery of Products and, where applicable, without any restrictions or reservations, apply to all Product sales concluded through the Website for delivery in mainland France and Corsica. These general terms and conditions can be accessed at any time on the Website, and they prevail over any other version or contradictory document.

The online sale of Products on the Website is reserved exclusively for Customers (pursuant to the Consumer Code in force on the date when the order is validated by the Customer or, on the date when these GTC were drafted, as “any natural person not performing commercial, industrial, artisanal, freelance or agricultural activities”) acting solely on their own behalf and who are domiciled in mainland France or Corsica (hereinafter, the “Customer”).

The Customer declares to have reviewed these GTC before placing his order. In this regard, for each order placed on the Website, the Customer must confirm his acceptance of the GTC by checking the box “I have read and accept the GTC” provided for this purpose before confirming the order. This confirmation before validating the order therefore represents acceptance of these GTC without any restrictions or reservations.

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 1369-1 and 1369-4 of the Civil Code, these GTC may be stored digitally and/or printed out by the Customer.

These GTC may be amended by Matière Grise at any time, with the specification that the applicable GTC are those in force on the date when the order is validated and formally accepted by the Customer.

These General Terms and Conditions only apply to online Product sales. All other sales by Matière Grise are not subject to these GTC.

Procedure for ordering online

Ability to enter into contracts

The Customer declares on his honor to possess the capacity to enter into contracts in accordance with the Law, and in particular Articles 488 and 1124 of the Civil Code, and that he is not a minor nor subject to any measures of protection or guardianship.

Creating an account

For the first order, the Customer must open a “Customer Account” and fill out a form specifying certain mandatory fields so that the order can be processed by Matière Grise. Following this, and for any future orders, the Customer will identify himself using his email address (username) and password (which he will be responsible for keeping confidential) by clicking on the “Log in” link.

The provided by the Customer when opening his Customer Account, or when placing an order, must be complete, accurate and up to date. Otherwise, Matière Grise will not be able to fulfill the orders. If the Customer does not wish to communicate such information, Matière Grise will not be able to correctly fulfill his order.

The Customer must indicate the telephone number and the email address where he can be easily reached.

Placing orders — Product characteristics

It is up to the Customer to select from the Website the Product(s) he wishes to order.

The main characteristics, technical properties and specific attributes of each Product are presented on the Website. The Customer is required to review them before placing the order, and the choice and purchase of the Product is therefore his sole responsibility.

Matière Grise takes the greatest possible care and precision to present and describe the products offered on the Website (including photographs and illustrations), within the limits of the technology and computer equipment used and in compliance with the best market standards. However, it is possible that non-substantial errors may appear on the Website, which the Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts. A difference in perception of the shapes and colours between the Products and the photographs or illustrations presented on the Website does not constitute non-conformity of the delivered Product. Likewise, minimal variations in the representation of the Products shall neither result in liability on the part of Matière Grise, nor affect the validity of the sale. Matière Grise recommends for the customer to contact Matière Grise by telephone or email before placing an order if there are any doubts about the characteristics, technical properties or specific details/options of a Product. Matière Grise will then answer any questions and provide the Customer with the best possible information about the Product in question.

Once the Product has been selected by the Customer on the Website, the next page displays the chosen Product and its description, characteristics, delivery time and area, the different delivery methods and costs, and the unit price. The Customer must then select the quantity and colour, if necessary, before adding the Product to his basket.

The Customer can check his basket by clicking on the “My basket” icon. The page then automatically displays all the selected Products and their colour, quantity, unit price and the total price. On the same page the Customer will be able to correct any errors before finally approving his order and formally expressing his acceptance by clicking on the “Validate” icon.

In order to be valid, the order must contain all of the required information, and in particular:

the Customer’s full identification and, in particular, the email address to which the order confirmation will be sent;
precise identification of the selected Products, with the references indicated on the Website;
the requested quantities;
the chosen delivery method;
As soon as the payment is validated, the order is sent to Matière Grise for processing. At this point, it can no longer be modified and/or canceled except under the conditions expressly provided for in these GTC or under the conditions required by the laws in force (unavailability of the product, payment issues, etc.).

An order confirmation is immediately sent to the Customer via email, to the address which the Customer has provided. In particular, the order confirmation includes: identification of the ordered Products, their price, and the delivery methods, costs and dates or times. The Customer must immediately notify Matière Grise of any errors and/or omissions found in the order confirmation regarding the order placed online.

The data recorded by the Website, as summarised in the aforementioned email, constitutes proof of all the transactions carried out between Matière Grise and its Customers. It is therefore recommended for the Customer to print or keep a copy of the order confirmation.

Matière Grise reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any order that does not comply with these GTC.

Pricing and availability

The Products presented on the Website are sold at the rates in effect when the Customer confirms the order.

The prices include all fees and taxes, excluding delivery costs. They also include VAT and, where applicable, the environmental tax applicable on the date when the order is placed. Any changes to such fees or rates will be reflected in the prices of the Products after the date when the new applicable rate comes into effect.

Delivery costs are detailed on the Website and confirmed before the Customer approves his order.

There may be obvious typographical errors and/or computer glitches affecting the indicated prices.

The price of each of the Products, as well as the amount of any additional costs, such as delivery charges or the costs for additional services, are communicated to the Customer before confirmation of his order, and they are then confirmed in the order confirmation and delivery documents.

Product and price offers are valid as long as they are visible on the Website and subject to stock availability.

Matière Grise reserves the right to change the Products and their prices offered on the Website at any time and without notice, and it is hereby noted that the prices applicable to an order are those in force at the time when the Customer validates the order.

Information on the availability of the Products is provided to the Customer when the order is placed. In the event of an error or if a Product is unavailable after the order is placed, in particular in the case of simultaneous orders of the same Product by several Customers, Matière Grise will inform the Customer by e-mail as soon as possible and will suggest another Product of equivalent quality and value presented on the Website as a replacement, or it will suggest canceling the order or for the Customer to accept a longer delivery time to accommodate the time required to manufacture the Product again. If the Customer chooses to cancel his order, a refund of the price will be made within 14 days of payment at the latest if the Customer’s bank card has been previously debited.

Payment terms

Any order placed on the Website must be paid by the Customer online (in cash and in full) as part of the order validation procedure, by credit card (CB, Visa or EuroCard MasterCard), via the STRIPE payment module. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer, in which case the order is suspended until the payment is made and the Products are only produced once the transfer has been received.

The Customer’s bank card will be debited once the payment transaction is confirmed by the Customer through the secure payment environment integrated into the Website by Matière Grise’s financial partner. The Customer therefore authorises his bank in advance to debit his bank card subject records or statements issued via the aforementioned secure environment, even in the absence of signed invoices by the holder of the bank card.

The order is considered placed on the date of payment, namely on the day when the funds are received by Matière Grise.

If it is not possible to debit the sums owed by the customer for any reason whatsoever (opposition, refusal by the issuing centre, etc.), the order will not be validated by Matière Grise and the Product(s) will not be delivered to the Customer.

Manufacturing and delivery times

Matière Grise does not have any stock. All Products are made to order, which entails a certain delay between when the order is placed and when the Product is shipped. In general, Products are manufactured within a period ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. The Customer is informed of the shipping date when the order is placed. The manufacturing time and the shipping date are only provided for informational purposes and they are not considered to be contractual under any circumstances. Therefore, if the aforementioned period is exceeded that does not constitute grounds for cancellation of the order, and under no circumstances will it entitle the Customer to compensation.

Matière Grise strives to deliver the Products to its Customers within a reasonable period of time, but this may vary depending on different internal or external causes.

Once the order is ready to be shipped, it is taken over by a carrier. The time between shipment and the actual delivery is approximately 3 to 4 business days. Matière Grise cannot be held responsible for a different or longer period.

Our carriers contact the Customer to arrange a date and a time frame for the delivery. Matière Grise cannot be held responsible if a delivery appointment is not upheld.
If the Customer is absent, the delivery will be re-invoiced.

If there are any concerns about the proper condition of your product during delivery because of an open or damaged package, the delivery should be refused and a note should be made on the delivery slip mentioning “damaged package, delivery refused”. Otherwise, and if your product proves to be damaged after the delivery has been accepted, Matière Grise will not be able to provide after-sales service or support under the product warranty.


Matière Grise’s products are covered by warranty:

  • for 2 years in the case of steel products
  • for 3 years in the case of aluminium products

Matière Grise declines any liability for the use of steel products outdoors.
Only aluminium products may be suitable for outdoor use. Galvanized steel products are also suitable for outdoors, except near the sea.

The following are not covered by warranty:

A) Deterioration related to non-compliance with the following recommendations:
– Unpacking recommendations: Great care should be taken when unpacking furniture so as not to damage it.
Cutter scratches on table tops placed on the ground are not covered by the Matière Grise warranty. Please keep the packaging until your product is completely assembled and installed.
– Furniture assembly: Do not place the product directly on the ground during assembly. Keep the protective covering or cardboard to use as a protective support. Follow the assembly instructions carefully and only use the tools provided.
Our furniture is delivered with sliding pads to help protect floors and the base of the furniture.
In order to avoid damaging the feet on floors which may be rough or wet, we recommend ordering a new set of pads if you lose the first set.
– Maintenance recommendations: consult here

B) Rings or stains on the table tops which are not declared after unpacking (or within a maximum of 48 hours after receipt)

C) Wear and tear, micro-scratches, and natural withering due to the materials used.

D) corrosion of steel furniture used outdoors and/or by the sea.

E) Any damage related to transport (see the previous article)

Withdrawal period and procedure for returns

In accordance with article L221-18 of the Commercial Code, the Customer will benefit from a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of the order by him or by a third party which he appoints.

In the event of withdrawal, the customer must send a request via email to Matière Grise informing the latter of its decision. He must then return the Product(s), packaged in the manner received and in good condition, at his own expense, to:
Matière Grise Industrie
PA de Charpenay
172 Rue de Charpenay

Upon receipt of the Customer’s return and after checking that the Product is in good condition, Matière Grise will reimburse the Customer through a credit to his bank card if that was how the initial payment was made, otherwise by bank transfer if that was the payment method. In the latter case, it is the Customer’s responsibility to provide Matière Grise with his bank details.

The withdrawal period is only valid for orders placed on the Website and in accordance with the choices offered therein regarding the dimensions, colours and finishes of the products. Any other specific choice made by the Customer and concerning a “tailor-made” product is excluded from the right of withdrawal.

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